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"You have the right to choose your own contractor on an insurance claim.  You do not have to use the contractor referred by the insurance company.  You do, however, want a contractor who is very experienced and knowledgeable with insurance claims, insurers, as well as reconstruction. That's us!"                                              

Reconstruction for Insurance Claims:  Fire, Water, Hail, Wind, Other

Trent Massey Construction offers reconstruction services on all fire related damage claims, water damage claims, hail and high wind damage claims, vehicle through a building, vandalism, and more.  We are an expert at fire, water, hail and wind damage reconstruction AND we have the background and experience to restore your home better than before the loss happened and in a worry-free process.    


After an insurance claim, no one needs additional headaches and problems created by a variety of issues from other contractors including network vendors, inexperienced contractors, contractors who are merely 'sales offices', contractors who don't know the insurance policy, and fly by nights. 


There are contractors who may be referred to an insurance customer because of a contractor network/vendor relationship.  We have witnessed over many years where these networks, in some instances, can create negative side effects as the contractor may have more reason to keep the adjuster and carrier happy because of the promise of future work under these networks and often they are held to strict claim repair guidelines to stay on their network.  At Trent Massey Construction, our future work comes from referrals from existing clients.  We are not dependent on an insurance company, agent, or other to direct new business to us. Our only allegiance is to our clients and our number focus is to keep our clients happy, period!!   


By working for OUR CUSTOMER EXCLUSIVELY, we are free to write what we call a "universal scope and estimate' which is the scope and estimate of work that should be created regardless of any pre-established claims guideline, which by design is to save the insurance company money.  Our universal scopes and estimates are based on such factors as the damages which can be documented, proper insurance repair procedures, acceptable construction repair practices, building codes, line of sight issues, available material of like, kind, and quality, fairness, and more.  No two damage scenarios are alike, and so every estimate should be written on its own merit. 


We have greater success writing our universal scopes and estimates, then work fairly with adjusters to get those estimates approved.  An insurance customer has no obligation to use a network contractor.  Therefore, the insurance company must work with the customer's contractor of choice too which is where our expertise enables us to work reasonably and fair with adjusters.  In most all cases, we can work professionally with your insurance company and are able to get our estimates approved with little issues and no unnecessary delays.  We have successfully repaired homes for our clients insured by the top 10 insurers and more including State Farm, Farmers, Allstate, USAA, Chubb, Horace Mann, Travelers, Safeco, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide, Texas Farm Bureau, and more.  

To help further speed the claims process, Trent Massey Construction uses the same insurance estimating software, Xactimate, used by the majority of the property insurance industry.  In fact, Trent has taught this software to many adjusters and other contractors, and he was one of the first users of Xactimate when it's first version was originally launched in the late 1980's. 


Finally, Trent Massey Construction can respond to any fire, water, or other claim quickly and produce an estimate within hours after inspection, if needed.  In most cases, we can be on site the same day as the loss occurred, if requested.  If mitigation has started by another company, we can still perform our inspection and create a rough draft estimate, then make changes as needed after mitigation is complete.  Please note we do not perform mitigation services such as water extraction, dry out, etc.  It is common knowledge that some insurers prefer the reconstruction to be done by a separate company vs. the mitigation company.  

In closing, we can rebuild your home with the positive outcome you seek while working professionally with your insurance company.  It makes sense to use Trent Massey Construction.  We offer free itemized estimates for all fire, water, hail, and wind damage using the same software used by the majority of insurers.  We do not require customers to sign a contractor before we estimate your home, even on large fire losses, and we do not practice high pressure sales tactics.  We also promise in writing that we will NEVER charge our client more money for their insurance reconstruction project than what is ultimately paid at a final agreement on their replacement cost coverage claim by their insurance company (before deductions for any depreciation and deductible).  We hear horror stories from people who tell us that they now face thousands of additional charges for a contractor's invoice which was not approved by their insurance company.  This does not happen when you use us which is another reason to call Trent Massey Construction.

Trent Massey Construction is an expert in property insurance claims.  Trent studied insurance and real estate and graduated from UNT in 1986.  After graduation, he started his post college career as a property field adjuster at State Farm Insurance where he handled all types of property losses ranging from large fires, large water, hail damage, wind damage, and more on both residential and commercial buildings.  Later, he was the CEO of his first fire/water reconstruction company he founded in 1993 where his company did both reconstruction and mitigation.  Eventually, this led to him doing independent adjusting work and becoming an insurance trainer teaching estimating, damage assessment, insurance policies, insurance estimating software, and more to both adjusters and other contractors.  He has trained over 1,000 adjusters and/or contractors on property damage, estimating, and more.  In 2006, he wrote an e-book for adjusters.  In 2009, he authored the first green building course for the insurance claims industry as a trainer. Trent started Trent Massey Construction (formerly Trent Massey Roofing & Reconstruction) in 2017 to offer his construction knowledge, expertise, and professionalism as an alternative to other companies who fail to provide a high-quality service in this ever-changing insurance claims landscape. 


For an estimate, please email or call Trent at 972-762-9456.   

Trent Massey
Trent Massey speaking at a restoration conference
Trent Massey

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