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"Tell a salesperson, "No", and see what happens.  Your decision may be proven right by their reaction.   We do not practice high pressure sales tactics and never will.  We do not cold call and work strictly off appointments.  Our estimates are free as always."    

Roofing:  Hail and Wind Damage

Trent Massey Construction offers complete residential roofing services from replacing to repairs.  We are experts in hail and wind damage as well as experts in the insurance claims process.  We offer free estimates using the same insurance software, Xactimate, preferred by the majority of insurance companies.  We do not require a signed contract before completing an estimate for our customers.  We do not practice high pressure sales tactics and we do not require deposits.


A few years ago, we made the decision to only replace asphalt roofs going back with a Class 4 hail impact resistant asphalt shingle.  Therefore, even if your current asphalt shingled roof does not have a Class 4 shingle right now, we will upgrade your roof at no additional costs to a new Class 4 shingle on all hail damaged roofs covered by insurance proceeds.  


Our roofing process starts with a free inspection.  We will inspect your roof, take measurements, note any damage present, and we inspect the rest of the exterior (windows, paint, etc.) for signs of hail or wind damage.  We check fences and outdoor structures too.  Afterwards, we communicate our findings to you and then complete an estimate, if damage exists and you request an estimate.  We explain our findings and estimate thoroughly to you and review the traditional insurance claims process to help you understand and navigate issues like recoverable depreciation, replacement costs, etc.  Soon afterwards you will receive your itemized estimate prepared using Xactimate. 


A day or two before the new roof is to be started, we inspect your attic and check for gas lines, HVAC lines, HVAC vents, and any other materials which could pose an issue during the reroof process.  In the past we discovered gas lines and HVAC refrigerant lines touching the roof decking in advance of our project and we were able to take the necessary precautions to avoid any problems.  We check these areas again during and after the roofing process.  Prior to starting, we build a canopy over all your exterior AC condenser units to protect these during the reroof.  We cover swimming pools, garage overhead doors, vulnerable landscape, large windows, etc.   Most towns require a reroof permit, so we obtain required permits and are present during the town's inspection process.  

Once the roof is completed, we file your warranty information with the manufacturer and provide you with our invoice for your insurance company to release any withheld recoverable depreciation.  


Please Note:  By Texas Law contractors cannot represent a homeowner with respect to their roofing claim.  As such, we do not represent our customers with respect to their insurance claim.  In fact, we have never done this, and we were very thrilled when this law was enacted.  This law was long overdue as we have always told our customers that they should never allow a contractor to file a claim on their behalf or reach out to their insurance company and/or adjuster direct.  The homeowner should lead all discussions with their insurance company including filing the claim, scheduling the adjuster's inspection, discussing policy issues with the adjuster, etc. These items should always be handled by the homeowner and no one else.  In addition, it is not only illegal but considered insurance fraud to cover deductibles.  If a contactor is offering to cover your deductible, this should be a red flag and you should call another contractor.  We have never covered any part of a deductible and never will.  As we have told our customers, if a contractor is willing to lie to an insurance company, what else are they willing to do??  



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