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Insurance Claims
We understand more than most of our competitors the destructive nature of house fires, large water damage losses, tornadoes, and hailstorms.  Trent has handled many of these losses as a former adjuster (State Farm, independent), insurance trainer, and reconstruction contractor.  He can rebuild your home with the positive outcome you seek while working professionally with your insurance company.  It makes sense to use someone with his background.  We offer free itemized estimates for all fire, water, hail, and wind damage using the same software used by the majority of insurers.  In fact, Trent has taught this software to other adjusters and contractors, so his estimates are extremely accurate and accepted with little fuss from insurers.  We do not require customers to sign a contractor before we estimate your home, and we do not practice high pressure sales tactics.  For an estimate for your insurance company, please call Trent at 972-762-9456.   
One of the driving reasons we changed the name to Trent Massey Construction was because of our growing remodeling business.  We offer complete home renovations including new kitchens and bathrooms, whole house gutting/reconstructing, exterior renovations, home additions, and much more.  For a free quote on your remodeling needs, please call Trent at 972-762-9456.
Outdoor Living Spaces
We can do custom outdoor living spaces for our clients including detached patios, outdoor fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, and more.  For a free quote on your outdoor space, please call us at 972-762-9456. 

Green Remodeling
In 2009, Trent authored the very first green building educational program geared specifically for the insurance industry.  The program was the Green Risk Professional.  This course focused on green construction in the insurance claim industry.  He taught this course to hundreds of contractors and adjusters throughout the United States from California to New Jersey to Florida.   If you are interested in discussing a green remodeling project, green renovation, or just implementing some green improvements, please call him at 972-762-9456.  

Backyard Sport Cages and Courts  (new service)
This is a new service recently added to Trent Massey Construction.  We are excited to announce we can offer free quotes on residential backyard sport cages and sport courts.  This new service is Cages & Courts and can be found at the website,  If you have a young son or daughter becoming more competitive with youth sports, NOW is the time to invest in a backyard sport cage or sport court.  We can build custom backyard cages which can be suited for baseball/softball, golf, soccer, and more.  We can custom design and build a concrete court for basketball and more.  One distinct component we made sure of when we developed this service was to keep it affordable!!  Therefore, we can offer many variations and price points for either sport cages or sport courts to suit most budgets.  Finally, if you already have a sport cage (netting and poles or just netting) from a kit bought direct from a manufacturer, we offer installation services on these as well.  On kits bought by our customers, we can provide sport cage installation services outside DFW area including Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Tyler, Lubbock, Amarillo, Abilene, etc.  To receive a free quote for a custom sport cage, custom court, or installation services only, please call 972-762-9456 or email us at or  


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