Insurance claims
We understand the destructive nature of house fires, large water damage losses, tornadoes, hail storms, and more.  Trent has handled many of these losses as an adjuster and reconstruction contractor.  He can rebuild your home with the positive outcome you seek.  It make sense to use someone with his background.  We offer free estimates for all fire, water, hail, and wind damage too!  Furthermore, we do not require customers to sign a contractor before we estimate your home.  We do not ask for money up front!  
One of the driving reasons we changed the name to Trent Massey Construction was because of our growing remodeling business.  We offer complete home renovations including full guts and design changes to kitchen/bathroom remodeling, exterior renovations, additions, and more.  

We offer free estimates for replacing and repairing residential roofing for hail or wind damage.  We can easily handle your insurance replacement for roofing and other damage like gutters, siding, paint, interior damage, fences, etc.  We use the same estimating software that the majority of insurance companies use so our prices are often very similar.  After a hail or wind storm, you need Trent Massey, a real expert on estimating and someone who has inspected thousands of roofs for decades.  
Outdoor Living Spaces
We also do custom outdoor living spaces for our clients including detached patios, outdoor fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, and more.  

Green Remodeling
In 2009, Trent authored the very first green building credential program geared specifically for the insurance industry.  The program was the Green Risk Professional.  He taught green construction to hundreds of contractors and adjusters.   If you are interested in discussing a green remodeling project, green renovation, or just implementing some green improvements, please call him.  Call Trent as he can offer free green consulting with the project.

Detailed estimates
Trent uses Xactimate estimating software for all insurance related projects.  With this software he can provide detailed, itemized estimates.  This is the estimating software used by the majority of insurers.  Trent has also taught Xactimate to insurance adjusters.