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Our mission is simple - to be the best contractor for our customers.  First and foremost we are servants.  Whether the project is an insurance reconstruction, large-scale remodel, outdoor living space, or other improvement, our objective is to provide our clients with a worry-free process.  This starts in the beginning with a prompt response to all calls and emails, leading to a timely and professional appointment, free quotes, and a no high-pressure sales approach.  We do NOT require a contract up front from a customer before we write any estimate either, even on large fire damaged homes, a large scale remodel, or other project. 


Relating to insurance claim projects, when your insurance company writes an estimate, we are happy to review it.  If its correct, we can work right off their estimate. If it's not correct, we have the expertise to solve the matter professionally and quickly.  No unnecessary issues, no delays, and no additional stress.  It's that simple!  

On remodeling projects and outdoor living spaces, we often have our key subcontracting team members meet with us at the property on supplement visits.  This allows our clients the opportunity to meet our key team members (the individuals who will be with us working in your home) before signing any contract.  This process has worked very well for our clients as it also helps address and discuss any questions up front so everyone is on the same page.  

Other important reasons to choose us:

  • We are a local contractor, born and raised in North Texas


  • We respond to our client's calls, texts, and emails and usually very fast! 

  • We don't use high pressure sales - ever! 

  • We rely on referrals from clients

  • We're professional without costing more  

  • We write our own estimates

  • We can also work from the adjuster's estimate when their scope is correct

  • We are insured and can provide a certificate upon request

  • We do what we say we will do! 


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